At TradeWinds Customs & Freight we know the In's & Out's of Import & Export logistics and we also understand that each client is unique and require a tailored solution for their business!

That’s why we have only one goal in mind when it comes to managing your customs & freight… To provide superior Importing & Exporting solutions for you and your company!

The TradeWinds Customs & Freight team are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who provide personal service & assistance throughout the shipping & customs clearance process into & out of ALL Australian Ports and linking with our worldwide network of partners we can provide "Door to Door" solutions for your business.
You may have encountered some of these problems before with other “run of the mill” forwarders & customs brokers who promised the world but delivered very little.
blt bullet redYou’re offered no routing options to match the delivery requirements of each order;
blt bullet redYou have no idea whether your shipment has left let alone if it will arrive on time;
blt bullet redYou get the “run around” on the phone and still nobody can answer your questions;
blt bullet redThe rates they originally quoted bear no resemblance to the invoice you received;
blt bullet redWorst of all - your urgent christmas stock is still sitting on the docks… in January!
blt bullet redAnd the person you dealt with last time no longer works there…